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Why TAC?

Mozambique Terra Agua Ceu travel team


We're here on the ground in Mozambique

There is always a number of team members on-the-ground in Mozambique 365 days a year. That means that guests can rest assured knowing that a TAC team member is always nearby, on-call, and if requested, available to meet and guide you in person. 


All TAC members are from or live in Mozambique

Everyone on the TAC team either lives full-time or part-time in Mozambique. This means that not only are we nearby to help and assist you, but we know Mozambique like the back of our hands; because, for all of us, this is our home. You can trust the TAC team to be among the first people to know about Mozambique travel updates, news, pertinent information, and exciting new opportunities that foreigners are slower to learn about.


We only use providers we trust and know are safe and reliable

Our guests' safety and quality of experiences is our top priority. Therefore, we can proudly say that we only use providers and offer properties that we know are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Traveling abroad can be nerve-wracking, but booking with TAC takes the worry off your shoulders.


We're experts in Southern Africa tourism

Every member of TAC is a travel expert - whether they've guided trips all around the world, or studied tourism both at university and in the field, all members of TAC are vetted industry professionals.


We work directly with local providers

Whether it's your cross-country transfers or airport pickups, or guesthouses you stay at, or activities you set out to do, we make sure that we're working with providers who support local businesses. We aim to support Mozambican-owned businesses, and/or companies that prioritize employing and supporting local Mozambicans. 


We give back to the country we love!

We firmly believe in responsible travel. TAC has been Fair Trade certified in 2011 and aims to give back a portion of our profits to locals and communities. Some of these include supporting waste and trash recycling facilities, local lifeguard trainings and swimming lessons for coastal Mozambican communities, and more.

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